The Pick: The swim shorts worth knowing about

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Frescobol Carioca have mastered the perfect swim shorts for you this summer, The Noronha. Inspired by the landscape of Noronha on the North-East coast of Brazil, the laid-back Rio lifestyle and the best beaches from all over the world, these 100% cotton shorts are guaranteed to suit every gentleman’s needs this summer on a beach holiday. The shorter length and tailored cut shorts with a buttoned fly are made to fit you perfectly and suit you in every way, and no matter what colour you pick, are guaranteed to suit you. Frescobol Carioca have been a leading swim short brand since they first started selling luxury menswear since 2009 when two friends started playing the sport of Frescobol on a beach in the south of France and a crowd gathered. The excitement of the game made the friends want to bring the laid-back and cool Rio lifestyle to people and beaches all over the world, which is exactly what they’ve done.