The Pick: Vertex M100

This remarkable timepiece is a unique piece of horological history

75 years ago in 1944, the British military laid out their precise and exacting requirements for a military grade watch, and sent the specifications to twelve  manufactures who came back with what is now referred to as the ‘Dirty Dozen’. The brands selected, which ranged from Omega to IWC, included one that has been largely forgotten by all than the most seasoned collectors: Vertex.

Now, Vertex are back, courtesy of the founder’s great-grandson. Don Cochrane is reviving the company with the Swiss-engineered M100, an upscale, modern version of the 1944 “Dirty Dozen” model.

The Pick: Vertex M100

The watch boasts a custom ETA mechanical movement, super-scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial and Super-Luminova on the face. Usually only available to purchase via referral, we are thrilled to offer this unique piece of horological history to readers of Gentleman’s Journal.

GJ says: “It’s rare to find a new player on the watch market that creates products of such quality. And, although Vertex is steeped in history and heritage, these new watches are incredibly special — there’s something very cool about owning a watch so rare and unique.”

The Pick: Vertex M100

Vertex M100

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