floris london shaving set

The Pick: Floris London Briarwood shaving set

It’s time to give your bathroom shelf an upgrade…

A good shave is the cornerstone of any well turned-out gent’s grooming routine. And, if your facial hair look is more crisp and clean than designer stubble or meticulously trimmed beard, then you’ll need the right equipment for the job. Enter Floris.

Facial skin is notoriously delicate and, if exposed to sub-par products and inadequate blades, will erupt into an unsightly rash at any given opportunity. Floris’ elegant bathroom offering combines the precision of a Mach3 razor with the style of a briarwood handle, gold-plate stand and matching shaving brush. In fact, it’s so chic you’ll want to keep it on display (and therefore in tip top condition) at all times – making a slapdash shave a thing of the past.

And once you’re stubble-free why not splash on one of Floris’ Royal Warrant-approved scents? Its Honey Oud and Leather Oud eau de parfums offer subtly different styles on this classic woody and masculine key ingredient.

floris shaving set

Gentleman’s Journal says:

“If it’s good enough for Winston Churchill and James Bond, then it’s good enough for us. There are very few brands that have a heritage like Floris’, and it is clear to see that several centuries of innovation have led to some of the best aftershaves and grooming products you can buy.”

floris london shaving set

Floris London briarwood shaving set


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