These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

From fragrant fougères to exquisite eau de parfums, a fine scent makes an incredible present. Here are the best to buy...

Certain gifts are regarded as Christmas clichés. Socks, for one. Chocolates, for another. And aftershaves, for a fragrant, overplayed third. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Because, when it comes to colognes, there’s a deeper, more aromatic world of options out there.

From fragrant fougères to exquisite eau de parfums, certain scents make incredible presents. Some spritz a story, others amaze with innovative ingredient combinations and there are even a few whose bottles are almost better themselves than the scents inside. So, if you’re looking for a new spin on a classic Christmas present this year, wrap up one of these ten tremendous aftershaves below… 

For the refined gentleman: Floris No.89

Well where else would we start? Classic, sophisticated and quintessentially British, we’re pretty certain that this would have been James Bond’s aftershave of choice. With touches of spicy nutmeg, sandalwood and vetiver, Floris’ ‘No.89’ eau de toilette is woody enough for winter, and makes for a thoughtful fragrant gift.

For rugged adventurers: Creed Viking Cologne

If any of your friends or family members are avid outdoorsmen, we can think of no better present this Christmas than a bold bottle of Creed’s ‘Viking Cologne’. Masterfully blended, it combines notes of rosemary, sage and pink pepper to create a strong Scandinavian-influenced scent with hints of herbs.

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Creed Viking Cologne


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For theatrical traditionalists: Penhaligon’s ‘The Tragedy of Lord George’

What better bottle for Christmas? Antlered and aromatic, this exuberantly-named aftershave from Penhaligon’s swells with classically masculine scents. From the clean, no-nonsense scent of standard shaving soap to the warming notes of dark rum, it’s a treat for the more traditional man in your life. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Penhaligon’s ‘The Tragedy of Lord George’


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For sun-chasers: Czech & Speake Citrus Paradisi Cologne

Not everyone likes Christmas. So, if you’re gifting to a friend whose favourite season is summer, why not look ahead to warmer days and plump for Czech & Speake’s sun-soaked ‘Citrus Paradisi’? With its strong grapefruit scent, just one spritz will have them smiling at the prospect of the balmy months to come. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Czech & Speake Citrus Paradisi Cologne


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For your more active friends: Tom Ford Oud Minérale

There’s something seriously energising about Tom Ford’s grey-bottled oud. With seaweed, ambergris and bright pink peppercorn spiking throughout the scent, this is the perfect stimulating option for any active friends. It’s a gym-friendly fragrance; and one that’ll keep them at peak productivity all day long. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Tom Ford Oud Minérale


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For aspiring cowboys: Le Labo Santal 33

Le Labo’s ‘Santal 33’ is less about the scent and more about the spirit. This iconic aftershave evokes the American West — all double denim and horse rides at sunset. If you’ve got an aspiring adventurer in the family, this cardamom, ambrox and cedarwood scent is the perfect present for them. 

For something new: Floris Spiced Bergamot

Another option from fragrance masters Floris, ‘Spiced Bergamot’ is a new addition to the British brand’s range. Fresh and original, it’ll make for a great gift this Christmas — and will treat any lucky recipient to notes of sparkling bergamot, gentle citrus blossom and a warming base of pure sandalwood oil.

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Floris Spiced Bergamot


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For skiing enthusiasts: Creed Silver Mountain Water

If your giftee is waiting patiently to hit the slopes this ski season, why not gift them a bottle of frosty ‘Silver Mountain Water’ from Creed? The very essence of the alpine environment, this all-white bottle sparkles with icy, mentholated noted of galbanum, bergamot and salty ozonic aromas. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Creed Silver Mountain Water


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For the statement-makers: Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L’Eau

Spritzing on ‘L’Ombre Dans L’Eau’ from Diptyque is like taking a stroll through a blooming, blossoming garden. Timeless and sumptuous in equal fragrant measure, it blends blackcurrant leaves and roses with bitter orange petit grain for a fruity, floral statement scent. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L’Eau


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For avid readers: Byredo Bibliothèque

Are you always buying books for a particular friend or family member? This year, why not switch things up, and offer your token literary giftee Byredo’s innovative ‘Bibliothèque’ eau de parfum? With notes of dark, scented woods, rich leather and papery vanilla, it’s like a library in a bottle. 

These are the best aftershaves to gift this Christmas

Byredo Bibliothèque


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