These are the best square watches for a gentleman

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As Huey Lewis once so poetically put it: it’s hip to be square. Encircled by round-cased watches, square timepieces stand out from crowd with their edgy edges and sharply-dressed corners. And, while they might seem like an acquired taste, we put it to you that there is a square watch for every type of gent. From the refined dress watch to the chunky sports model, or even the diver to take on the toughest of conditions, here are the hippest square watches you can buy.

The original pilots watch was designed for one of the first innovators in the field of powered flight; Alberto Santos-Dumont.  His good friend, Louis Cartier, wanted to help Santos-Dumont time his fledgling flights without having to scrabble around in his pocket for an old-school pocket watch. This timepiece has been through a recent redesign and was released at the start of this year to the applause of many in the watch world. Bringing the model closer to its original look, it re-incorporates the screwed bezel and bracelet, has become a classic in the Cartier collection, and will inevitably remain a high-flier for many years to come.

You’ll probably recognise this watch from the wrist of Steve McQueen, as he wore it during the 1971 film Le Mans. The blue-dialed watch alongside the blue eyed actor became an iconic image — but we guarantee it’ll look just as good on your wrist as his. Okay, maybe not just as good… Today, however, TAG Heuer are doing incredible things with technology and their watches are pushing the boundaries of sports timekeeping more than ever before. It’s an iconic watch from an iconic brand; what more do you need to know?

Originally designed for the polo-playing officers of the British Army, stationed out in India in the 1930s, the case of this watch could flip over to avoid the beautiful dial getting damaged during the brutality of games. Today, the Reverso has moved on from its simple sports watch origins to become a fully-fledged black-tie icon. A slim profile and distinctive silhouette make have made it the watch of choice for every gent receiving an illustrious party invitation this festive season.

There is a very good, mathematical reason that this Patek has stuck around for over 50 years with virtually the same design. What’s that, we hear you cry? Its look was originally based on the famed ‘golden ratio’: one of the most visually pleasing designs in art, architecture and nature. We love this model for its effortless look, and those soft-curved edges paired with the highest of watchmaking skill. It also, if you so choose, comes with a pair of matching cufflinks. Perfect for your next party where you need to dress to impress.

Designed to sit perfectly on the wrist, the curvature of the Kalpa’s case is key to its success among watch aficionados. As the lugs wrap around your wrist — followed is this endeavour by the alligator strap — the timepiece almost becomes an extension of your wrist. But the stunning good looks alone are not the only reason we love this watch. The exceptional watchmaking that has gone into the movement, stamped with Qualité Fleurier Certification, is also a factor. It’s a stamp that immediately tells you that your watch comes with top quality of movement, style and finishing. Not that you need telling with a watch such as this…

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