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The righteous path: Samuel L Jackson’s rules for living well

Gentleman's Journal speak to the Hollywood legend about movie-making, Martin Luther King and how to be a role model

Samuel L Jackson is the man I want to be when I’m 69. Actually, he’s the man I want to be now I’m 28, come to think of it.

Ian Fleming and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli said they decided to cast Sean Connery as 007 because, as he left their lunch table and walked across the street, they realised he moved “like a panther”. The day after Barack Obama’s inauguration, Christopher Hitchens wrote that the key to the President’s appeal was his “feline sensibility” — he was, Hitchens said, the ultimate “cool cat”, with a matching ability to “land noiselessly on his feet”.

When Samuel L Jackson walks into the house to greet us, on a bright and hazy March morning in the Hollywood Hills, it’s clear he’s another beast entirely — part alpha lion, part Top Cat; light and heavy at once, padding around at his own pace and to his own rhythm; King of the Jungle, but, hey, there’s room for you too.

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