The Pick: The driving shoes with rubber-dotted soles

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It’s been almost a century that Tod’s have been creating shoes. Founder Filippo Della Valle started the shoemaking business out of an Italian basement in the 1920s – but it was not until the 1970s that Filippo’s grandson, Diego, began to create his family’s iconic shoes en masse to supply to American department stores. It was during this time that the company became known as Tod’s and, since then, the most striking and signature shoe produced by the brand is the driving shoe.

Now synonymous with elegant Italian style, Tod’s driving shoes are a veritable classic, that can be slipped on behind the wheel – but also for casual strolls and smarter suppers as well. The Gommino Suede Driving Shoes in brown are stitched in a classic penny profile and the soles studded with the brand’s iconic ‘gommino’ rubber dots which lend these loaders their name.

And, like tyres are arguably the most hard-wearing and important part of a car, your shoes should be the toughest and most well-produced part of your outfit. Built to cushion us, project us from harsh surfaces, but also allow us to feel through the soles and be receptive when driving, there are no better shoes to drive in than these rubber-dotted loafers. They hug your feet, give great feedback and durable enough to last – not to mention being the perfect vessels to put the pedal to the metal. So start your engines, gentlemen – and invest in the best.