See New York City’s Knickerbocker in all its glory

Close to the bright lights of Broadway, Manhattan’s legendary hotel is a haven of refined elegance with a distinguished history

Every time Gentleman’s Journal hops across the pond to Manhattan, we try to find a restaurant, bar or hotel we’ve never experienced before. And, while that’s not too difficult an ask in New York City, occasionally we happen upon an establishment so striking we can’t believe it wasn’t on our radar already.

Enter The Knickerbocker. Lit by the dazzle of Broadway, and offering unrivalled views of central Manhattan, this glorious 330-room hotel is the toast of Times Square. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to sleep in the city that never does, allow us to reveal the secrets and stories of this landmark hotel.

Originally built by John Jacob Astor IV, The Knickerbocker is a den of rich history. Political icons, Hollywood starlets, oil tycoons and sports stars have graced its hallowed halls. Rockefeller and Fitzgerald once checked in, and it’s even rumoured that the first ever Martini was ordered in the hotel bar.

The hotel itself sits among storied company. Just blocks from Fifth Avenue, The Metropolitan Opera, Rockefeller Plaza, MoMA and Central Park, it is the ideal base of operations for a heady tour of the American cultural capital.

Inside, the guest rooms are appointed to the highest order. Bespoke furnishings, digital touchpad and complimentary WiFi will keep you comfortable — and the best brands have been called upon to supply the amenities. That means Ted Gibson bathtubs, Sterns & Foster beds and linens from Sfreera and Ploh.

And, if that level of luxury wasn’t already enough, the ‘Knickerbocker Curators’ promise to elevate your stay to another degree. These ultimate concierges, and New York City experts can offer their influence and knowledge to provide VIP experiences from from fashion to fitness, shopping to sightseeing, entertaining to eating.

Of course, if you want to stay closer to the hotel itself, there are an array of onsite culinary offerings and experiences. Enjoy market-driven dishes at Charlie Palmer at the Knick, or visit the incredible rooftop bar, St. Cloud. Here, progressive cocktails and seasonally focused small plates can be delivered straight to your plush corner Sky Pods.

And, if you aren’t relaxed enough after that, guests can also take advantage of the premiere partnerships at the Knickerbocker. From a wellness programme designed by Larry Johnson, yoga with the celebrated Payal Parekh, or in-room salon services by Ted Gibson, this truly is a haven of a hotel. See? We told you The Knickerbocker was glorious.

See New York City’s Knickerbocker in all its glory

The Knickerbocker

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