Introducing Clements and Church’s new tailoring store

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Sartorial expert Clements and Church opened the doors to its brand-new branch in Birmingham earlier this month, and its timing couldn’t have been better, given the upcoming party season. The store’s USP? A top-to-toe custom made-wardrobe for both casual and formalwear. From suits (which will cost £1,800 on average) to trainers and shoes, every item here will be bespoke and designed with hand-chosen details, including monogramming on shirts.

“The new concept allows clients to design their own casual wear, such as trainers and stretch-jersey shirting, alongside more traditional tailoring” says head tailor Matt Roden.

Director Aaron John added:

“The concept of the custom-made store was born out of the market’s desire for handcrafting clothing, designed personally for you – men are looking to invest in key versatile pieces used across their lifestyle rather than splurge on disposable fashion.”

Previously, we were known for affordable luxury tailoring, but the launch of our custom-made sneaker range has put our feet firmly in the men’s style arena.”

Clothing aside, this new Clements and Church outpost is also a feast for the eyes, as everything from the floor to ceiling has been inspired by The Thomas Crown Affair’s iconic chess scene. Strong linear shapes, bold curves and an art deco aesthetic are present through the interior, and as a result, the store is given a luxe and exclusive feel, setting it apart from most high-street stores.

“I liked the idea of a club – a studio where clients and tailors work together, followed by the fitting, after which they move to a more relaxed zone,” said Tasha Nash from Penn M studio who headed up the store’s design.

So, if you’re in need of some new garments this winter, you know where to head to.

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