Gentleman’s Journal race through Mexico City in 72 hours for the Grand Prix

Before Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion, we tried to experience everything the Latin city had to throw at us in just three days...

Have you ever tried to explore a whole city in a weekend? It’s quite the endeavour. Not wanting to miss anything, you sprint from sight to sight, photo opportunity to photo opportunity, attempting to fill the Instagram feed just enough so people think you had the time for an entire, luxurious week away.

A floating mariachi band, something you’ll only find in Mexico

A floating mariachi band, something you’ll only find in Mexico

Gentleman’s Journal attempted that exact feat in Mexico City this October, just in time for the Formula One Mexico Grand Prix. To ensure we didn’t miss a single snap-worthy moment, we called upon Heineken – the title sponsors of the Mexico Grand Prix – to show us the hot spots and hidden gems. It truly was a race to reach the event that brings the great and good of the F1 world to the Mexican capital.

On day one, for instance, we indulged in someserene, luxury grooming from the gentrified barbershop Royal before venturing to the Colonia Doctores neighbourhood to catch a Lucha Libre show. Sixteen thousand screaming locals pack in to watch the masked gladiators of Latin America do battle.

The next day, we set sail on the famous Xochimilco of the City, where we were shown the culture and life of the local people living on these waterways. It’s a sight similar to that of Venice CA and Venice Italia, the people living and surviving here. We where taught about the design of Mexico city, how the Spanish arrived and proceeded to build the entire Cuidad on top of a lake. Considering the fault lines of the Coco tectonic plate run through this part of the world, you might say this leads to a slightly unpredictable lifestyle.

That evening we indulged in one of Mexico City’s best Gaucho-style restaurants, trying meats from all corners of South America, before visiting one of the most exciting clubs in the city – Departamentos, an intimate New York apartment-style club with some of the best underground deep house and light techno in the city, comparable to that of the hotspot clubs of Berlin and Barcelona..

We wanted to experience the very best that Mexico City had to offer before being treated to the ultimate VIP experience  — if you’re a petrol head that is…

In the Heineken box for the big race, we were with Hamilton on every twist and turn as he sped towards his fifth World Championship. Watch the video above to watch our breakneck tour of the city. 

Now check out our interview with Lewis Hamilton to find out just how he lives a rich life…

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