Cocktails for the weekend: A Chase Distillery and Floris London collaboration

Friday for us begins when you take a sip of your first post-work cocktail and spritz with your favourite invigorating scent in anticipation of a promising night ahead – truly these are the most piquant moments of being a gentleman.

That’s why we couldn’t imagine any more of a perfect start to the weekend than to choose one of these heady cocktails, as Chase Distillery has collaborated with Floris London to bring you these incredible cocktail recipes. Not only does our favourite perfumier always hit the right note with its refined range of olfactory creations, but to have the quintessentially British distillery perfectly capture their essences with its premier range of drinks is indeed very heaven.

First, take the Honey Oud: mix Chase Vodka with a generous dash of honey and some Earl Grey tea, the latter giving the drink the bergamot flavour which is the fragrances’ most distinctive note. Add lemon and rose water, and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with lemon peel and a rose petal to further capture Honey Oud’s heart notes.

Or perhaps you’d care to kick off Friday night with the classic, yet understated Jermyn Street? Pour a serve of Chase Grapefruit Gin and mix with lemon juice, apple juice and agave syrup. This echoes the characteristic juniper heart note and citrus scent of the fragrance. Next, enhance the delicate vetiver airs by chopping a small bunch of coriander, serve in a Collins glass, and top with soda water, then simply garnish with grapefruit zest and fresh coriander.

If neither of those arouses your senses then perhaps the Special No.127 will? Fusing not one, but three of our preferred spirits, begin with a measure of Chase GB Gin, then add Campari to open up those neroli and lavender notes that are so typical of the fragrance. Add Belsazar Rose Vermouth to bring out the rose heart perfume and serve in a rocks glass so you can really feel all of those aromas. Garnish with a sprig of lavender and orange zest to enhance the essence’s signature bouquet.

Edward Thomas once said that “the past is the only dead thing that smells sweet”. One sip of these creations at the end of our week, and we’d have to agree to disagree with Mr.Thomas. Cin Cin!

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