Chance Perdomo: “I have a philosophy of right time; right place”

The breakout star of Killed By My Debt and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells us how much of success comes down to chance

Chance Perdomo lives up to his name. The actor may only be 22, but he is as pragmatic a man as you’re likely to meet — spending much of our time talking through the intricacies of predictability and probability. Matters, appropriately, of chance.

“I have a philosophy,” reasons Perdomo, “of right time; right place. And we can’t control the time we’re in, but we can control the place we’re in. So, if you work hard to be in the right place, then surely success is just a matter of time. Does that make sense?”

From any other young actor, it may raise eyebrows. But Perdomo exudes a rational, level-headed way of thinking that affords each of his theories a certain believability. And, of course, the rising star has the success to back up his ideas.

Chance Perdomo: “I have a philosophy of right time; right place”

“I always tried to put myself where the best theatre was, or the best acting. I used to come to London all the time, listen around and be in all of those scenes. I always wanted to be in the American market, and I have both passports — my mum was born in New York — so I can get across there quite easily.”

It was on one of these transatlantic trips that Perdomo’s chance came. In February 2018, he was cast in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as the warlock cousin of the titular witch. It’s a pulpy, gothic and frequently unsettling drama.

“Just look at it!” the actor claps. “At any point, a show can just blow up and get recognised. And that’s because we millennials especially have been born in a golden age where you can access the world through your fingertips on your phone.”

But Perdomo, who got his big break on BBC Three drama Killed By My Debt, also recognises the strain social media has put on the world.

Chance Perdomo: “I have a philosophy of right time; right place”

“Both unfortunately and fortunately, you can now get quite a lot of clout through things like Instagram followers,” he says. “You can get jobs because of that. I know people who have lost out on jobs because they didn’t have enough followers. Even if you’re neck-and-neck on ability, it’ll go to the one with 1,000 more followers.”

On the set of Sabrina, Perdomo reveals a lot of the older cast were loathe to join Instagram, but eventually asked the younger actors to help with their social media and self-marketing.

Chance Perdomo: “I have a philosophy of right time; right place”

“It was a nice little exchange,” he smiles. “And, for someone like me — who has a lot of energy and a head always exploding with ideas — social media is the perfect way to experiment and play.”

Obviously Chance has his head screwed on and for all of his talk of ‘right-place-right-time’, you get the feeling that this is a man who has a real grasp of his industry — and will thrive as a result. Nothing with Perdomo is left to chance.

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