The smartphones to buy instead of the new iPhone X

Categories: Technology

It’s that time of year again. After months of leaks, hype, and drip-fed reveals, the latest generation of iPhones are finally starting to trickle into consumers’ hands. But with reports already coming in of handset shortages – and Apple warning its die-hard fans to get ready to start queuing – it might be smart to start looking at your other options. Luckily there are a fleet of new flagship phones giving Apple a run for their money.

The Huawei Mate 10 continues the trend for thin bezels, making the most of its expansive 6-inch screen. With a set of dual cameras, AI-powered processors, an IR port for use as a TV remote, alongside a very welcome two-day battery life, this is a truly standout offering from the Chinese tech firm.

The follow-up to last year’s Pixel, which featured the world’s highest-rated smartphone camera. We’ll miss the headphone jack – and the lower price points of previous Google phones – but with 2K resolution and camera shots that defy the phone’s compact hardware, this is still everything you want from a premium Android handset.

Utilising Samsung’s gorgeous Infinity Display, which literally pours over the side of its 6.2-inch screen, this is the best alternative to the iPhone in terms of aesthetics. Package that with a 12MP rear camera, incredible low-light photography, and a nifty iris scanner – even if in-house AI assistant Bixby falls far short of the competition – and this looks like a smartphone at the top of its game.

Beauty meets brawn in this titanium-body and ceramic-back handset, from the engineer who first brought us the hugely disruptive Android OS. Some may be thrown by its stripped-back features, especially considering the iPhone-level price tag, but continual software updates and a confident 360-degree camera (that’s right) make it a refreshing change from much of the identikit competition.

The slimmest – and most expensive – OnePlus device to date, it still offers the performance of a flagship iPhone while significantly undercutting its price. The handset comes with a boisterous processor, customisable ISO and shutter speed for you camera enthusiasts, and a Dash Charge battery that’ll see you juiced up in only half an hour. You can even slip in dual sim cards if you want your professional and personal numbers under the same sleek, aluminium roof.