The Bell & Ross BR V2-94 will make you feel like a fighter pilot

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Timekeeping is a serious business, and nowhere more so than in the world of military aviation. With precision flying, intricate stealth operations and even the odd air strike, getting timing right is a key part of a pilot’s job.

But, with a brand like Bell & Ross, whose watches took off in the world of military aviation, you know you’re in safe hands. The watchmaker produces timepieces that can meet the tough, exacting criteria of the most special of units, and the BR V2-94 might just be the most elite of all.

Just like the Wright Brothers’ first plane can still be seen at the heart of the latest modern-day fighter jet — albeit hidden behind many layers of tech and innovation — the pilots’ watches of Bell & Ross show the same deference to their past with the Heritage range.

"The BR V2-94 might just be the most elite of all..."

It’s a range connected through links to the past and the history of aviation tools — and Bell & Ross have employed some clever aesthetic touches to afford the watches a vintage feel. Patina lume is one such technique, used across the range to alter what is normally a bright white finish into an aged, rich yellow tinge.

The BR V2-94 is the culmination of this century of both aviation and horological history, both in looks and practicality. With a small seconds dial at three o’clock and a central chronograph seconds counter, this watch oozes functionality and gives you the ability to time anything with complete accuracy.

The watch is offered with either a highly durable black rubber strap, designed to survive tough conditions and keep the weight of the watch down, or a sleek steel bracelet for style and sheer strength.

Whichever you strap around your wrist, this watch has a really clean and smart look to go with almost any outfit you can think of. So, if you’re stepping out in your dinner or flight suit, you’ll be sure to look the part.

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