How to achieve the perfect shave at home

Avoid any close shaves...

Most men don’t afford shaving the time and care it really deserves. Either rushed over the bathroom sink every morning or botched, bleary-eyed, late at night, this should be a ritual – not a chore.

Neglect the shave, miss out steps or fail to adequately prepare and you could end up with redness, itchiness and irritation. Your hairs themselves may even be damaged at the root and fail to grow back properly. So take a breath, put down the razor, and follow these steps for the perfect shave.


Taking the time to indulge in a hot, steamy shower before you begin shaving is the perfect way to properly open up your pores, and wash any impurities or grime off your skin. The heat will also weaken your bristles and follicles allowing for a cleaner, closer and more comfortable shave.

Don’t be afraid to use a product, either. Whilst water will inevitably do your skin good, why not invest in a proper cleanser or exfoliator to really get into your pores, bother the roots and get those hairs standing proud from your face.

A natural exfoliant, especially, will scrub away any unwanted dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and ready for shaving.

Gather your tools

Regrettably, the cheaper gels and mousses are cheap for a reason – they aren’t very good. Do your face a favour, and invest in some quality products – meaning a badger hair brush and a rich, foamy dish of soap. When products are better quality, they’ll also last longer.

Wet your face, brush your soap dish, and apply the foam to your face by brushing in circular a circular motion – which will scruff your hairs up and ready them for the blade. When applying soap or cream, start with the neck, before moving onto chin, upper lip, and finally around the jaw and sides of the face.


Whatever type of razor you may use – single blade, dual blade or multiple blade – you must ensure that it is cleaned after every use, and dry when you are not using it. This way, it will both last for longer, and also keep your shave clean and free from irritation.

Set up your shave, and run the razor with the grain, pulling it down your face to allow the cream on your neck to soften the skin the longest. Pass the razor along the skin in a gentle pressing motion – and use cold water to rinse the razor between shaves to help tighten the skin.


Post-shave, apply a moisturiser or balm. This will ensure that your open pores don’t attract any grime, and will minimise irritation. It will also keep your skin hydrated, and stop razor rash in its tracks.

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