The 5 most stylish pea coats

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Much like other sartorial classics, the origins of the peacoat are firmly rooted in the past: initially worn by European and American sailors, the coat boasts a host of design features that were included for the benefit of its original wearers. From its thick wool fabrication to the oversized lapels that could be popped at the collar to offer extra coverage for the neck, the peacoat was created to protect those in the Navy from the relentless icy winds at sea.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when the style transcended from the rails of military surplus stores into the hands of some of menswear’s leading designers, hitting the runways in various fashionable incarnations and attracting the eye of those who were in need of a new winter wardrobe staple. It now continues to be the coat of choice for many, but its obvious popularity means that there is an abundance to choose from. So, if you’re looking to purchase a peacoat but can’t face wading through all the options, we’ve carefully curated a selection of the best out there for you to choose from.

Jaeger Shawl Collar Peacoat

Jaeger gives the peacoat a gentlemanly update by fashioning their coat in a rich shade of fawn and with a chic shawl-style collar.

Folk Virgin Wool Peacoat

Your classic peacoat but with some alternative accents – Folk’s version of the outerwear essential comes with a unique buttoned throat latch and a horizontal pleat across the lower back.

Hugo Boss 'Nodin' Peacoat

It would be hard to find something more timeless than Hugo Boss’s ‘Nodin’ peacoat. Crafted from a thick wool blend in a versatile shade of black and then lined for a smooth fit over your attire, this is sure to become an everyday wear.

Ted Baker 'Biza' Peacoat

The sophisticated charcoal hue and smart horn-imitation buttons of Ted Baker’s Biza peacoat makes it the perfect sartorial match for your more formal outfits.

Acne Studios 'Merge' Peacoat

If you’re a modern, minimalist type then opt for Acne Studio’s ‘Merge’ pea coat, which is utterly contemporary with its boxy silhouette and clean design.