The 4 grooming mistakes you need to stop making

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There’s no denying the exponential growth of the men’s grooming industry in recent years. No longer content with the simple bars of soap and industrial-strength shampoo they’d been subjected to for too long — or possibly envious of the overflowing bathroom cabinets of their partners — men are entering the fold and demanding the right to groom themselves to the highest standards imaginable.

But even the well-groomed among you may be partial to the odd cheat or time-saving effort, even if your skin or ‘do pays for it in the long run. And it’s easy to make mistakes, so we’ve listed five of the most common you’re likely to fall victim to.

Our hectic lifestyles make it easy to fall into the habit of rushing, and that all-important morning routine is often the first to fall to the wayside. Make sure you warm your face with a hot towel before shaving, and use a simple face scrub to wash away dead skin — you’ll achieve a closer shave and stop irritating the skin more than you have to.

It’s easy to forget how much your hands say about you. The cut of a cuticle, the signs of pampering or hardened graft, tells a whole history by the time that first handshake is over. So keep your nails clean and tidy, but also try working a hand cream into your daily routine — you’ll soon notice the difference.

No self-respecting barber would allow you outside before he’d trimmed every nook and cranny of your head, and neither should you. Watch out for odd hairs lower down your neck you might have missed: nothing’s quite as unprofessional as an imperfect shave.

Like a perfectly-fitting suit, you should strive to find grooming products that are tailored to you as an individual. Exfoliating scrubs are best for oily skin, while moisturisers will help those easily dried out; equally the gels or sprays you use for your hair won’t suit everyone.

It’s often trial and error, but to find out what products are best for you and gain expert advice on how to use them, we’ve caught wind of The Gentleman’s Grooming & Lifestyle Show 2017 (no relation to us) on 3rd December at Tobacco Dock. As well as expert grooming advice, attendees can enjoy: