5 things all women think after a first date

The mind of a woman is not something to be understood by men – you can try, but you will fail. Trust me, I am one. Luckily for you though, in a never ending quest to enlighten and improve the mind of the male species, sometimes I like to divulge things about the mysterious opposite sex which might just improve your lives a little – your love lives that is. If you think that women just think about your shoes, aftershave and table manners after a first date, then think again – we’ve noted and passed judgement on all this and more within the first 10 minutes. Here, gentleman, find out what we really think about after that first date…

When will he text me?

From the moment you shut the taxi door and bid her farewell she’ll be wondering when you’re going to text her. That night, to check she got home ok? First thing in the morning, to wish her a good day? Two days later, to keep her wanting more? It doesn’t matter when it is or how long the text takes, it’s pretty much all she’ll think about until the text arrives (even if she didn’t like you, she’ll still want the text), then all she’ll think about is how and when to respond – if at all.

Would my friends get on with him?

Friends are as important to girls as their family are. While most men are content with a tight group of friends which can usually be counted on one hand (even without the use of the thumb on most occasions), women on the other hand move in packs the size of small civilisations, flitting from bar to restaurant as they assess, judge, approve or deny future relationships of their fellow tribe members. If she thinks you might not get on with them, well I’m afraid it might just be over before it’s even begun.

Is he a player?

“We had a lot of fun, but I get the impression he’s a serial dater”, I’ve said these words, I’ve heard these words, I’ve thought these words. Nine times out of ten, it’s in response to a highly successful first date. Why, I hear you ask, if it went well is she jumping to negative conclusions? Well, gents, because we’re genetically programmed to believe that if something seems too good to be true, then it usually is. A string of previous bad relationships will have any self-respecting woman searching for the bad side of a good man in seconds. So if you did have an amazing first date, she’ll assume it’s because you’re well practised at them, not because you’re a genuinely nice guy, so it’s your job now to show her otherwise.

Is there potential for a relationship?

It might seem insanely premature and no self-respecting (or at least sane) woman would ever admit to a man that they do this, but trust me, we do. Unless you’ve managed to ask out one of the very rare women who really don’t want a relationship, then you can bet your bottom dollar the woman sitting opposite you at the bar – acting all cool and relaxed, saying things like: “Well I’m really not looking for anything serious at the moment, but if the right man came along then…” – well, she want’s a relationship and right now, you’re the one who was just in the interview seat.

Was there sexual chemistry?

One thing we all think about after a first date is, put plainly: “Do I want to have sex with this guy and will it be good”? Because, let’s face it, without the sex you’re just friends, and we’ve already got enough of those, thanks. The female voice of all wisdom in my life (AKA my Mother) often asks me this if I’m umming and arring about my feelings after a date: “So, did you want to rip his clothes off”? She’s a modern mother like that, but she’s got a point, without sexual chemistry or the chance that sexual chemistry could grow, there’s not much point in another date.



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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