5 Start-Ups to Watch In 2015

Starting a business is a daunting process, and one not to be taken lightly. There’s a great respect for individuals who strike out on their own however; an admiration for those who quit regular incomes to work more hours a day in an attempt to build something up from a mere concept, to a burgeoning empire.

Here are 5 start-ups that have a bright future ahead of them. We’re talking billion-pound companies, with 2015 being the year they stake a global claim.




Like Facebook messaging for businesses, Slack has brought instant messaging into the workplace for faster, more efficient and transparent communication. Integration with services like Twitter, Dropbox & Google Drive and a search option so everything is archived and accessible, has made Slack essential for a number of businesses already; we expect it to completely takeover during 2015.

Visit Slack.com for more information




Having raised $80 million in the earlier part of 2014, Jet is aiming to be an Amazon competitor in the realm of e-commerce; a bold vision for any company, yet alone a start-up. Founded by Marc Lore, the need for a huge customer base if Jet was to succeed led the company to launching a program called Jet Insider, with early access and free membership to those who shared and referred to friends and stock options to those who referred the most people.

There’s very little else known about the business, but we’re looking forward to its launch.

Visit Jet.com for more information




A cloud-based service that lets developers set up coding environments in less than a minute, Bowery is on the verge of revolutionising the tech industry. With $1.5 million in backing so far, the company founded by, Zachary Hamed, David Byrd and Steve Kaliski allows engineers to share, in real time, their work with colleagues and is potentially going to drastically change the way they work.

Visit Bowery.io for more information




Meditation has sprung up as a big trend both in and outside of the workplace, Headspace is capitalising on the Zen spread with mobile and web platforms to bring the practise online. The app already has over a million users and offers a number of ways to track your progress and partner with friends to motivate each other.

Visit Headspace.com for more information





The new social media on the block, Ello has a radically different approach than the stalwarts currently occupying our online time. Launched last August, Ello already has millions of accounts with initial demand meaning they had to stagger invites for users. With an ethos that is strongly against sharing information with advertisers or even putting ads on their site; they took the step to become a USA Public Benefit Corporation so selling data or adverts is essentially impossible at any point.

Visit Ello.co for more information

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