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5 of the best barber shops in London

Getting a good haircut is essential to looking stylish, and finding the right barber shop is key, especially in busy London.

Why is it important to pick good barbers?

Haircuts can be a cause of dread for a significant portion of the male population. There’s quite a bit that could go wrong, after all, and a serious amount of trust is needed when it comes to who you let trim your tresses.

What if your hairdresser gets a little trigger-happy with the clippers? Gives you an unequal fade? Or verges on anorexia when it comes to “taking the weight out of it”? After all, you don’t really get a second chance at a trim do you? Not for a month or so at least, and you can’t wear a baseball cap to the boardroom now, can you?

With these five barbers, however, you’re in a good hands. These experts more than know how to handle a pair of scissors and primp a perfect pompadour.

The Refinery


Its two locations in Mayfair and Harrods should go some way in telling you just how exclusive this grooming house is. We hesitate to simply go with “barbers” as this establishment actually offers a full-blown spa treatment. It costs upwards of £50 for a trim, but you’re never going to leave the ultimate in luxury London grooming destinations regretting your decision.

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Having moved down from Edinburgh, award-winning grooming locale Ruffians are conquering London with some well-preened aplomb. Their Covent Garden location has become a hotspot for marvellously groomed gents, as Ruffian’s expertly trained and knowledgeable staff offer nothing but the best. They also have a range of in-house products, so you can maintain the same level of style between trims.

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Nomad Barber


Having spent a year travelling the world and documenting barbering globally, ‘The Nomad Barber’ web-series was a huge hit, and now Miguel Gutierrez has put down roots in the capital with his first establishment here. The experience here takes some beating, an air of luxury rarely seen outside of the confines of Mayfair. Competitive rates belie the lavish nature of each session, which is well worth the visit to Brick Lane alone.

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Geo. F. Trumper


With shops on Curzon Street, Mayfair and Duke of York Street, St James’s, Trumpers are an esteemed name in the world of grooming. The Mayfair store in particular harks back with a traditional, storied appearance. Offering a luxurious experience from start to finish, whether it’s hair or beard, you can even get a manicure, pedicure and facial during your visit for a wholly masculine pampering session.

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Part speakeasy, part gentleman’s club is how Pankhurst is billed. Just off Carnaby Street sits this incredible location featuring bespoke chairs, hand upholstered by Bentley’s craftsmen, and a Johnnie Walker whiskey lounge, so you can truly relax and enjoy while an expert stylist sorts out your mane.

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