5 grooming products you didn’t even know you needed

Last week a male colleague admitted, quite openly I might add, that he didn’t wear moisturiser. Shocking, I know. It’s important to note that said colleague is, on a scale of Neanderthal to Spornosexual, neatly in the middle to lower quarter of the scale. He’s more at home chopping wood in the countryside with a lumber-jack shirt, dog by his side and 5 days worth of facial hair growth, than he is discussing Sam Smith’s recent weight loss and plucking his chest hairs. But, he can also appreciate the appeal of a good quality pair of Chelsea boots and a smart haircut when the occasion beckons.

In other words, if Neanderthal were a 1 and Spornosexual a 10, he fluctuates somewhere between a 4 and a 6. The fact then, that he had never moisturised was, quite frankly, astounding. Were we not well and truly past the advent of the Metrosexual? Don’t all men know by now that moisturising daily is just a scratch in the surface of what is now acceptable in terms of male grooming routines?

Once jaws around the TGJ office were picked up from the floor and it was duly noted that every other male member of staff did indeed moisturise, I set upon a personal facial assault of said colleague with a range of products from the grooming cupboard. From a light replenishing facial oil and restorative under-eye serum to a basic daily mosituriser, the results, if I do say so myself, spoke for themselves. So perhaps it’s time you all learned a few things too (I’m assuming you all already moisturise, so I’ll leave that one out) and instead take a look at a few of the products you may not even have known you needed…

Lip balm

Lip Balm - TGJ

Most men would recoil even at the thought of wearing lip balm, but you shouldn’t. Not only does it provide essential hydration for the most delicate skin on your faces, but it can also offer much more than just relief from dryness. Anthony Advanced Formula Lip Balm wins our vote, with Green Tea Leaf extract to provide protection from free-radical damage and avocado to smooth and soften lips. The packaging is also about as masculine as it gets so there won’t be any awkward cherry chapstick moments in the gym.

Lip Balm £8.00, Anthony Logistics



Moisturising alone just isn’t cutting it these days. A rich facial oil or serum applied morning and/or evening beneath your daily moisturiser can make a world of difference to your overall appearance – freshening skin and giving an oh so subtle radiance to your overall appearance. Serum really is the latest buzzword in the grooming industry. They’re the small bottle that pack a seriously big punch. Packed with age-defying antioxidant effects, you’ll never be able to go without them once you see what they can do.

Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil £29, Elizabeth Arden, Intensive Skin Supplement £45, Bobbi Brown, Essential Shock Intense Fluid £84, NaturaBisse 


News flash gents: soap and water does not a clear complexion make. You may be the manliest guy in the room right now, but that doesn’t excuse bad or dull skin. Using an exfoliator a few times a week will remove all dead skin cells, eliminate impurities and traces of pollution and reveal a more youthful, brighter looking you.

Exfoliating Cleanser £21.50, Clarins

Face mask


I appreciate that when men think of face masks, they probably think of women. More accurately in fact, women lying in a spa with cucumber slices on their eyes and Enya playing in the background. But newsflash gents, more and more men use a daily mask. The good news? You don’t need a fluffy white dressing gown and hush-voiced facialist to have one yourself. Tom Ford’s Mud Mask is about as close to a spa-level facial as you can get from a bottle. Apply once a week (I suggest post a big night out for maximum rejuvenation) and feel the effects.

Mud Mask £45.00, Tom Ford 

Eye gel


Once you’ve tried an eye gel you’ll be hard pushed to believe it wasn’t always part of your daily routine. The perfect way to wake up tired under-eye skin in the morning and equally the perfect soothing product for night use. This cooling and energising eye gel from Elemis instantly refreshes and soothes the eye area with an easy to use roller, making it the perfect on-the-go product – especially useful on long-haul flights.

Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel £25.00, Elemis



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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