5 common grooming mistakes and how to fix them

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There’s an expectation that, as modern men, we adhere to certain standards when it comes to keeping kempt. As much as we try to maintain a handle on all things grooming, there are certain mistakes that are made on the regular. Mistakes that, despite taking their toll on our appearance, most of us are often oblivious to. These are five of the most crucial you need to eradicate sooner rather than later.

Washing your face with hot water

It seems obvious to wash your face as you shower, it’s convenient and a timesaver. But unless you’re predisposed to lukewarm showers, it’s time to stop. Whilst a hot shower isn’t great for your skin anyway, it’s even worse to wash your face in it. The skin on your face is more delicate, especially under your eyes, and it is a straight myth that cold water closes the pores and hot water opens them.

Washing with water of a normal temperature as opposed to hot, will stop your skin from being stripped of natural oils and drying out. On the reverse ice-cold water will serve to capillaries and only irritate your skin.


Forgetting your back

Whist we’re not expecting you to go down the porn star route and whip at the waxing strips when it comes to body hair, there’s one area that are female counterparts would prefer kept less hirsute. Unfortunately for us, that part of our anatomy is rather hard to reach – our back. Rather more fortuitously, grooming companies in recognition of our insecurities and waning sexual attractiveness have developed a tool or two to deal with the problem. Failing that, there’s also professional help, if you can muster up the courage of taking your ape-like back down to a spa or similar.

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Not taking in enough water

A good diet is as good for your skin as any products you part with cash to buy and as your skin is an organ, it needs to be fed and that means hydrated. Taking in the recommended amount, 2 litres according to health authorities, will help stop your skin from drying out, keep it looking healthy and yield a bunch of over health benefits.

Using antiperspirant at the wrong time of the day

Wake up, take care of business, brush teeth, shower, apply deodorant, shave. It’s an instilled, time-honoured, intuitive routine – bar one or two alterations. Except if you’re using antiperspirant as opposed to standard deodorant, you’re doing it wrong.

The job of antiperspirant is to clog sweat ducts, and applying it at night is the best policy. Yes you can reapply gently in the morning but the evening is primetime for the product to shine, and no, it won’t wash away in the shower. Once antiperspirant has had time to set overnight, even if residue comes off in the shower, it’s already done its job, whilst applying first thing in the morning doesn’t give it time to do its thing before you start sweating.


Unkempt eyebrows

This is by no means a suggestion that you start waxing, pruning and shaping your eyebrows at will. In fact, it’s a far less arduous task of once a week or so, taking a pair of tweezer to task on the space between your two caterpillars. Nobody likes a monobrow and by having a pair of metal tongs handy by your toothbrush you can pull and pluck rogue hairs as they appear between your eyes.

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