The 5 best fitting jean brands for men

Jeans are – as a matter of everyday style, usability and comfort – high up there on the list of trousers you need to own. Of course, most will own jeans already, and most will have a favourite pair – a pair that fits so perfectly you’ll end up wearing them to death. And this is where jeans truly come into their own: if they fit well, they’re great, if they fit badly, they ruin an outfit and look terrible. So, to help all young gentlemen who are yet to discover the perfect fitting jean, here are 5 of the best out there.

Best for the athletic gentleman

For the more athletic, muscular gentleman, it can often be hard to find jeans that fit well. Most commonly, jeans become tight in the thighs and therefore waist-size has to be increased to get the desired leg fit. What this does to your image, style and outfit is, put simply, very destructive. So, one of the best brands for the more muscular man is Ralph Lauren – and always opt for the straight-cut. This way you’ll never have to compromise on thigh-room again.

Ralph Lauren Jeans The Gentleman's Journal

Hampton Straight-fit Jeans, £95

Best for the slim gentleman

The options for slimmer-gentlemen are far more abundant than for any others. With the skinny-jean craze still floating around the sartorial world, it can often be hard to decipher the best ones from a seemingly endless list. However, some of the best on the market come from Burberry Brit. Skinny is not a sartorially sound option, so make sure you opt for slim-fit. As the brands most popular choice, these ones are perfect.


Burberry Brit Jeans The Gentleman's Journal

Slim-fit Jeans, £225

Best all-rounder

If you find yourself in the middle of the body-size index, neither muscular nor skinny, then the best cut-choice for you is slim-straight. This will give you uncompromising reliability, versatility and comfort – working with almost any outfit choice. Japanese denim has long been the holy-grail of the jeans industry, and Edwin produce some of the best on the market. This pair is great, and will last a lifetime too.

Edwin Jeans The Gentleman's Journal

ED-80 Slim-tapered Fit Jeans, £80

Best for the taller gentleman

Now, for all taller gentlemen out there who find it hard to find jeans that fit perfectly, there truly is one king of jeans, and a brand that must surely be noted as one of the greats: Levi’s. The most widely known pair are the 501’s, and if you’re looking for jeans that are slightly longer in the leg, these are perfect for you.

Levis 501 Jeans The Gentleman's Journal

1978 501 Jeans, £215

Best new brand

For those who want to branch out into the bourgeoning world of denim-wear, there is one brand that almost universally gets the thumbs up: A.P.C. Loved by much of the industry for great quality, comfort and fit, A.P.C’s range of jeans means there is something to suit everyone. We particularly like these regular-fit, selvedge denim ones.

A.P.C Jeans The Gentleman's Journal

New Standard Regular-Fit Jeans, £135

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