The core values of being a 21st-century gentleman

London, Paris, New York, Cape Town… each are fantastically eclectic cauldrons for the weird and wonderful, strict and strange, busy and bizarre – you can’t help but be memorised by the diversity. And wherever you are in the world, it’s easy to pick up on traits in people: the kind, the forgiving, the empathetic, the stalwart, the attentive. And, on the other hand, the rude, the obnoxious, the ostentatious, the dangerous. Gentlemen stand out from the crowd – their conduct clearly apparent in the way they move and act.

“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
– George Bernard Shaw

As George Bernard Shaw suggests, a Gentleman leaves a mark on the world – he is remembered for all the right reasons. Here at The Gentleman’s Journal, we are on a mission to preserve the dying breed – these are the core values of being a 21st-century gentleman:

A Gentleman never tells

A Gentleman knows that anything worth having, is worth working hard for

A Gentleman knows how to dance… at least a little bit

Every woman comes with baggage, a Gentleman helps her to unpack it

A Gentleman always RSVP’s

A Gentleman knows the difference between confidence and arrogance

A Gentleman is open-minded, but firm in his beliefs.

A Gentleman is proof that chivalry is not dead

A Gentleman ruins his lover’s lipstick, not her mascara – the only tears he should make her cry are that of joy

A Gentleman never lies to a woman, unless it is to surprise her

A Gentleman always makes the first move

A Gentleman means what he says, and says what he means

A Gentleman never judges

For a Lady, a Gentleman will always offer his seat and open a door

A Gentleman is always well presented, regardless of company, situation or occasion

A Gentleman has a firm handshake and always makes eye contact

For a Lady, a Gentleman will always offer his coat

A Gentleman knows how to cook at least one good meal

Regardless of motives, a Gentleman always walks a woman home

A Gentleman always offers to pay

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