10 of the hottest British startups to watch this year

When you think ‘startup’, your mind most likely jumps to Silicon Valley, which is hardly surprising. The startup wave however is more than just San Francisco sci-fi tech and apps we don’t know we needed, and it’s hitting further ashore than the Cali coast.

London, though, is a hotbed of brave new businesses, the hottest of which The Gentleman’s Journal sat down with and chewed the fat on the intricacies of their backstories and what’s next.


Founded to provide veteran employment and to shake up the price driven London chauffeur scene, Capstar founded in just 2013 is set to go transatlantic this year and hit New York streets come September. Providing a luxury experience with immaculately turned out drivers, it certainly beats taking an Uber.

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The first and only single estate distillery in the UK, Chase was formed to rival the mass-produced poisons on the market today with spirits of pedigree. Now exporting to 35 countries plus a newly agreed distribution deal in Russia, their vodkas and gins are hitting the spot worldwide.

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In an effort to avoid the monotony of the finance district, brothers Hamish and George Khayat started Stand Up and Smile to improve the dental health of children. With unique targeted products to encourage healthy oral hygiene, they’ve just been selected as the recommended partner to offer advice on dental care to British parents.

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The Chapar is making Brits more stylish one delivery at a time. Following a consultation between stylist and client, The Chapar will send a carefully curated collection of clothing to the man in question, anything he doesn’t like is sent back free of charge, the rest he keeps. With over 40,000 members, it’s revolutionising how men shop for style.

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Inspired by a lack of healthy fresh food in a casual environment around the capital, Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros started The Good Life Eatery. Currently based in Chelsea, they’ve just opened a store in Marylebone Lane and have plans for many other locations over the next few years.

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Connecting the millennial generation with news, Clippet is the world’s first bitesize audio news outlet. With a dedicated editorial team, everyday they deliver ten 60-second clips to users smartphones via an app, a concept that has been more than well-received.

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Turning your phone’s lock screen into a personal discovery platform, Sliide matches specific interests with time of day and location. For example, notifications when near some Banksy street art or a vegetarian lunch spot – depending on what preferences you’ve put into the app. With regular prize draws and even cash rewards, users are thoroughly rewarded for engaging with the app.

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Like a dating website for recruitment, it’s hopefully more Match.com than Tinder however, a carefully made match as opposed to a relatively quick hook up. Job seekers create a profile, anonymous to employers, who then log on and say what they are looking for – a shortlist of matching individuals is then created.

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A digital marketing agency with a core focus on the design and development of websites, they provide graphic design, branding, social media marketing and SEO for a blanket of coherency for clients. Only two years old and started following a bet with a former boss, the company is now thriving.

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This app takes crowdsourcing to creative levels by allowing users to co-create videos. Directors write shot lists which guide users of the app, who then shoot the clips through the Seenit app, clips are uploaded to the host’s folder ready for editing and sharing – all from within a virtual studio, no face to face time needed. 

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