10 Best Ski Gadgets

Whether you are a skier of style or just raring to pick up speed, The Gentleman’s Journal has all of your essentials covered for your trip to the mountains this year.

ABS Avalanche Air Bag infatable- TGJ.01

For the thrill-seeking skier or snowboarder, safety comes first with this groundbreaking airbag. Discreet and comfortable, this backpack will give you the comfort of protection as you pick up speed on the slopes.


Oakley Airwave 1.5 GPS Ski Goggles Goggles - TGJ.01Once the stuff of skiing daydreams, these slick goggles from the ultimate luxury brand now incorporates built-in GPS and Bluetooth, so you can record your every move on the mountains in speed charts and airtime sensors. You can even track your friends and follow the preloaded maps, all behind the comfort and style of Oakley’s timeless design.

£520 from uk.oakley.com

Soul Poles poles - TGJ.01 Made of bamboo with all recycled materials, these ski poles are an essential item. Stripping the humble pole down to it’s roots, Soul Pole have created durable and resistant sticks, weighing next to nothing, with custom-made sleek and simple design.


Hotronic Ski Boot Warmers PP E4 ski warmers - TGJ.01 Keep your feet from the freeze with these thin warmers. The warmth will last you up to 4 hours; all the more reason to stay out on the slopes until the sun descends.

£145 from www.lockwoods.com

Motorola TLKR T60 Walkie-Talkietalkie - TGJ.01 If your skiing partner can’t keep up, leave your phone at home and stay in touch with these lightweight walkie-talkies. The ideal ski gadget for those who ski in big groups.


iTrailMap 3D 3d- TGJ.01Using Google Earth and rendered in easy-to-read 3D, the iTrailMap will keep you en-route to the après ski.


Bushnell BackTrack GPS gps- TGJ.01With over 60 years in the business, Bushnell have created this smooth GPS system, allowing you to install three locations and get there easily; on and off the slopes.


Pro-Tec Audio Force Helmet hat- TGJ.01The original and still the best, Pro-Tec’s ski helmet has in-built Audio Force Earpads, so you can power down the mountains listening to your favourite tunes.


RESQSKI RESQSKI- TGJ.01This nifty little gadget will track down your skis if they find themselves buried in the powder. Fitted to your skis, the device is invaluable to anyone who plans to hit deep snow.


Mophie Powerstation Charger Powerstation - TGJ.01 This sleek and compact piece of equipment will save you having to head back to the chalet to charge your USB devices. Never again will a dead battery interrupt a day in the mountains.  


By Meg Abbott

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