10 Best Investment Apps

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Is it just us or is finance getting easier? TGJ was thrilled last week when the chancellor unveiled his budget and we realised we aren’t quite as screwed as we used to be. Hooray! Britain is growing, stocks are up and the apocalypse has been postponed due to weather. However, this isn’t a general trend either. We recently discovered this week that Spencer Matthews is a foreign exchange broker.

We will let that digest for a few moments….. Indeed, there are even videos of him on Youtube updating us on the state of the EU market. If you want to see the world’s most slicked back hair commenting on NASDAQ and FTSEs go to: youtube.com, it is an experience. However, how can you invest without having to go through other people? It’s a fair question: other people are greedy and pricey! They also have the occasional flaw in that they lose everything. So we want to help all you would-be Warren Buffets this season and look at some of the investment apps:

1.       uValue: This is good but basic, just input the numbers and off it goes. However, as you will see from this list others can do this and put in additional information. However, this is the very definition of ‘old reliable’ and a very good starting app.

2.       OptionsWizard: This works off Yahoo Finance so its accurate; its strengths are that calculating profits become very simple. Its downside it that it looks like a five year old designed the looks with coloured cardboard. However, function wise it is again reliable and sound.

3.       Heatmap: good fun to play around with and the looks are ok. If they were improved this would be further up the list. Also the fact that it cost more than £5 when there are better apps out there for free isn’t helping either.

4.       StockTwits: there are better apps out there on this list but its free so check it out. The connection to the social network is very cool and it’s an idea that has really caught on as most trading companies worth their salt will be on twitter. .

5.       ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator: like flight simulator but for trading. You choose your environment and practice trading in it. This is for those who are comfortable with paying money for apps and with the stock market in general. It’s great fun after you get it to work but it is iPad only.

6.       StockSpy: We like this app because it puts all the information about stock on one page. Meaning that you can peruse at your leisure. The only downside is price and to be really honest there are apps that do this better. See below:

7.       Wikinvest Portfolio HD: anything with ‘wiki’ in it should be avoided like a Methodist minister in a bank. However, this one is not off its face on nonsense. It provides great data with clever graphs which are easily understandable.

8.       CNBC: Now the CNBC logo is what TGJ would describe as a ‘gay-pride peacock’. However, the bird can make apps. We like it but our version crashed a lot and we prefer the ‘my stock’ stuff on Bloomberg but that is down to personal choice. To be honest there isn’t much between them so either will make you a stock-addict.

9.       Bloomberg: we can’t make this list without this app, the only reason this isn’t in the top spot is that it can be a bit fiddly to operate and is more serious than Christmas at Gordon Brown’s house. However, when you do find out how it works suddenly you wonder what this does that a stock manager can’t?

10.   Scutify: We cannot stress how much we really like this. Like StockTwits it not only looks at stocks and shares but shows which ones are trending and what people are saying on social network on them. Looks are good, interface is easy and it’s free. What’s not to like? A great way of seeing how social stuff affects stocks. (Speaking of which; if you feel like a laugh type in JPMorgan twitter Q&A fail into google and look at the ‘best questions section’).

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